Development of an implantable wireless heating system capable of controlling the growth of malignant brain tumors is proposed by heating the tumor to hyperthermic temperatures (43–45°C) for a specified period of time. This investigation involves designing and fabricating microheaters to heat up the tumor and developing a complete system by integrating various components like pulse generator, microheaters, and wireless power transfer system. A software tool will aid the physician in the treatment planning. The software take the geometry and size of the tumor as input and provide strength and location of heaters as output. Depending on these outputs the physician can then decide the location of heaters in the tumor and the thermal dosage required to treat the patient. A minor surgery is required for implanting the system where the heaters are placed stereotactically into the brain tumor through holes made in the skull by small catheters slid. The number of required heaters depend on the tumor size. Minimal invasiveness, wireless power transfer and a scientific method to determine the location and strength of the heat sources are some of the significance of this study.

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