Radiopaque scales have numerous uses in the field of surgery, especially orthopaedic surgery. Scales of this nature can be used to guide surgeons by taking intra-operative measurements, pinpoint insertion points on bones and detect locations of deformations and tumours inside the body. Despite this, these scales are not used widely enough because of its high cost and that there are no widely acceptable ways of developing them from off the shelf materials. This paper details the method of inventing a novel low-cost radiopaque scale using off the shelf materials such as Barium Sulfate and Iodinated Contrast Agent (ICA). The radiopaque scale was manufactured using Perspex® and was filled with the contrast agents. The scales were then scanned using low-dose X-ray machines. The scale filled with Barium was found to be provide a better contrast image suggesting that the Barium to be a better high-contrast agent when compared to iodine and is recommended for use.

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