This work deals with the voltage response of parametric resonance of electrostatically actuated microelectromechanical (MEMS) circular plates under hard excitations. Method of Multiple Scales (MMS) and Reduced Order Model (ROM) method using two modes of vibration are used to predict the voltage-amplitude response of the MEMS circular plates. ROM is solved using AUTO 07p, a software package for continuation and bifurcation. MMS used in this paper has one term in the electrostatic force being considered significant. This is the way MMS is used to model hard excitations. MMS shows results similar to those of ROM at lower amplitudes and lower voltages. The differences between the two methods, MMS and ROM, are significant in high amplitudes for all voltages, and the differences are significant in all amplitudes for larger voltages. Significant differences can be noted in the effect of different parameters such as the detuning frequency and damping on the voltage response. ROM AUTO 07p is calibrated using ROM time responses in which the ROM is solved using the solver ode15s in Matlab.

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