A Swirling Fluidized Bed Cambustor (SFBC) hot model with the exhaust gas cleaning equipment was carefully designed and fabricated in this paper. The systematic airflow test was conducted to check the air subsystem connection leaking, control valve, the flow rate and pressure. The air subsystem is adjusted and updated based on the result of the system test. Series fuel combustion experiments were conducted at the different biomass fuels. The overall heat transfer rate and combustion efficiency were calculated. The swirling fluidized bed combustion system burned low heat value biomass (chicken litter) at the relatively high combustion efficiency with low NOx and SOx emissions. The overall heat recovery efficiency is about 45–65%. The combustion efficiency can reach 92% while the sawdust was burned in this waste disposal system. The results indicate that the swirling fluidized bed combustion waste disposal system has a prospect in burning the extra chicken litter in the chicken farm communities with very low emission.

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