Experiments were conducted on evaporative micro-channel systems of water, containing 48 parallel channels of 353 μm hydraulic diameter. The general correlation of two-phase pressure drop for an initial design purpose of evaporative micro-channel systems reported in [1] has been validated. For the water boiling in micro-channels, flow instability was observed. The instability criterion, proposed by Kandlikar [2], is able to predict the water experimental results. However, further examination of his criterion revealed that it can not predict the results of Brutin and Tadrist’s data of n-pentane. This is because the Bond number of water is 0.01, but 0.33 for n-pentane. As a result, the growing bubble of n-pentane may not cover the whole length of the micro-channel. A general expression of the effective length of squeezed bubbles in micro-channel was established for fluids at a wide range of Bond number. Using this proposed effective length, the Brutin and Tadrist’s experimental instability data can also be predicted satisfactorily.

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