In order to develop high efficiency and high head deep well pump of 150QJ20 type, a L18 (37) orthogonal experiment was performed with seven factors and three values including blades numbers, outlet angle, outlet width, etc.18 impellers were designed. The whole flow field of new-type two-stage deep well pump at the operating point for design was simulated by FLUENT using the standard model, SIMPLEC algorithm, second-order upwind scheme to solve, and analyze the independent of the number of the grid. 18 groups of the efficiency and head in design scheme were obtained. The effects of geometrical parameters on efficiency, head were researched using Latin square test method. The primary and secondary factors of the design parameters were acquired by way of variance analysis. According to the test result, an optimum program to further design was put forward. After manufactured and tested, the final optimal design model pump flow at rated efficiency of 66.59% point, single-stage head of 10.9m, match the motor as 5.5 kW, compared to the Chinese national standards (GB/T 2816-2002), which the rated flow point of the efficiency of 64% and matching motor 7.5 kW, the efficiency and head were significantly improved. The productions show good energy saving and material saving characters and can replace traditional pumps for deep well in the future, the comprehensive technical indicators achieve international advanced levels. The results would be instructive to the design of new-type deep well pump with the impeller head maximum approach.

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