Impinging liquid jets have many applications ranging from manufacturing processes to jet propulsion systems. In thermal applications, they are often used in atomization processes to cool the surfaces in extreme heat and mass transfer processes. In the present work, 2-D Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurements have been performed to study the interaction of multiple vertical liquid jets in single-phase flow. A perforated Perspex plate with seven symmetrically placed holes was used to make the liquid jets of degassed tap water. From the PIV measurements, a wide range of liquid jet velocities were investigated, and hydrodynamic parameters such as the instantaneous velocity fields, axial (z) and radial (r) mean and RMS liquid velocities, vorticity, and in-plane Reynolds stresses have been derived. Transient 3-D CFD simulations have also been performed and compared with the experimental data. Good agreement has been found between the experimental and CFD simulations. Further, Reichardt’s hypothesis (1943) has also been examined to better understand the onset of instability for the single-phase multi jet flow.

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