Both naval and commercial marine propulsion systems are increasingly seeking more power from fewer prime movers. In naval systems, the move to electric propulsion for larger escorts and the introduction of single boost gas turbines for smaller escorts has allowed the reduction in number of installed prime movers, while retaining the required redundancy. To meet this power demand, Rolls-Royce has marinised the Trent 800 aero gas turbine to produce the MT30 a 36MW simple cycle marine gas turbine. With first packaged engine deliveries available in early 2004, this paper introduces the MT30, outlines the marinisation process and announces the performance confirmed though the two demonstration engines. Completion of endurance testing, leading to preliminary certification of the engine is programmed for June 2003. In addition, this paper looks at the potential applications, (both mechanical and genset) of the MT30 and the propulsion system benefits made possible through the engine’s introduction.

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