Firstly, the influence of centrifugal force generated by rotation on the gas phase is investigated, using a quasi-steady model of one single kerosene and ethanol droplet respectively. The numerical simulations were applied in order to compare the effect of centrifugal force and gravity on the droplet flame. The results show that the influence of centrifugal force is consist with that of the same magnitude gravity force, under the same convection condition. The shape of flame changes obviously when gravity is over 1000g. In addition, experimental apparatus for the evaporation and combustion of single droplet are designed on the basis of previous experiments. The result of simulated evaporation is similar to that of the experimental evaporation. Finally, the evaporation rate, flame temperature and shape of methanol droplet under different gravity field are simulated and compared with each other. The result demonstrates that the evaporation rate, flame shape and temperature are subject to the condition of body force.

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