In this paper, a cost-effective integrated simulation model for rotor/propeller driven aerobot is proposed based on the free wake model. It is helpful to provide aerodynamic input for preliminary control law design, especially for conceptual design at the beginning of a project. Apart from the computational efficient, the model proposed has two more advantages, grid-free and containing the aerodynamic interaction. The governing equation is the Laplacian Equation with the assumption of invisid, incompressible flow. The solver used is inspired by the well-known Pseudo-Implicit Predictor Corrector (PIPC) for the rotors. Two validation cases are carried out. Firstly, the simulation results for the Harrington coaxial rotors and the Hamilton coaxial propellers show good agreement with the experiment. The simulation of a 45° swept-back wing also goes well with the corresponding experiment. Before the end, a simulation for a transition state with 0° tilt angle for the Eagle Eye is used to show the aerodynamic interaction, which has more influence on the wings.

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