This paper presents the development of AeroEngineS (Aircraft Engine Simulation), a multi-platform app with graphical user interface for aero engine simulation and compressor map operating point prediction.

Gas turbine performance simulation is a crucial part of the design process. It provides information about the required operating conditions of all the components and the overall performance of the engine so that engineers can determine whether the current engine configuration meets the performance requirements. Some gas turbine simulation programs have been developed in the last decades, however, there was a lack of an open-source, lightweight, user-friendly, but still very accurate, application which would be easily accessible from all platforms.

AeroEngineS can be used as a user-friendly preliminary design tool, since, during this design phase, details about the geometry are not known yet. The main aim is to calculate simply and quickly the basic parameters of the thermodynamic cycle and the performance, in order to determine which design is able to meet the required specifications. AeroEngineS constitutes a free and simple app which can primarily serve educational purposes as it is easily accessible by students from any platform to assist them in aero engine technology courses. Secondarily, it has the potential to be used even by engineers as a quick tool accessible from all devices.

The app consists of two basic stand-alone functions. The first function is aero engine simulation at Design Point which solves thermodynamic calculations. The second function is compressor map operating point prediction using a novel method of combining scaling techniques and Artificial Neural Networks.

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