Advances in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) integrated circuit technology and the steady development of wider band gap semiconductors like silicon carbide are enabling the practical deployment of high temperature electronics. High temperature civilian and military electronics applications include distributed controls for aircraft, automotive electronics, electric vehicles and instrumentation for geothermal wells, oil well logging and nuclear reactors. While integrated circuits are key to the realization of complete high temperature electronic systems, passive components including resistors, capacitors, magnetics and crystals are also required. This paper will present characterization data obtained from a number of silicon high temperature integrated evaluated over a range of elevated temperatures and aged at a selected high temperature. This paper will also present a representative cross section of high temperature passive component characterization data for device types needed by many applications. Device types represented will include both small signal and power resistors and capacitors. Specific problems encountered with the employment of these devices in harsh environments will be discussed for each family of components. The goal in presenting this information is to demonstrate the viability of a significant number of commercially available silicon integrated circuits and passive components that operate at elevated temperatures as well as to encourage component suppliers to continue to optimize a selection of their product offerings for operation at higher temperatures. In addition, systems designers will be encouraged to view this information with an eye toward the conception and implementation of reliable and affordable high temperature systems.

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