The erosive wear of the impellers and liner of centrifugal slurry pumps was investigated. The eroded material surfaces of different parts in impellers and liner have been studied by using scanning electron microscopic (SEM). The examination shows that the eroded surface pattern and eroded degree of different parts in slurry pump are different. The microstructure SEM analysis provides insights into the erosive wear mechanisms in pumps. The material removal processes include chipping out of lateral cracks caused by impact of the erodent particles, grain boundary cracking and grain pull out, as well as plastic deformation caused by the repeated sliding and impact of the particles. A new kind of anti-erosive wear material- Al2O3 engineering ceramic has been made. Engineering ceramics have a high application potential for wear-protection of different working parts used for slurry pumps and mineral industries. Measurements of the erosive wear of various materials used in centrifugal slurry pumps have been studied in a simple slurry pot tester in aqueous slurry of silicon carbide grits. Effects of varying the size distribution and volume content of erodent particle are investigated.

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