In the present work, the performance of bi-textured micro pillar arrays has been modeled as a wicked evaporator to provide steam flow via the thin film evaporation mechanism. Bi-textured micro pillar evaporator consists of an array with rough hydrophilic pillar bases and smooth hydrophobic tips. Water wicks between the rough hydrophilic sections of the micro pillar array to cover the surface, and vaporizes from the thin films that are formed in the vicinity of the pillar walls. The stability of the phase change mechanism is increased due to the change in direction of the capillary forces at the rough-smooth interface of micro pillars. The experimental results show that the pure evaporation mechanism occurs for a surface temperature above saturation on the bi-textured micro pillar array. The numerical analysis shows that there are optimal micro pillar dimensions for each surface temperature. The evaporation mass flow rate at the optimum dimensions is higher than the pool boiling mass flow rate on a bare surface at the same surface temperature. However, the wicked evaporator performance decreases for larger evaporator sizes.

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