Measurement of the steady-state electroosmotic velocity distributions in microchannels has been reported in the literature. Characterizing time-dependent electrokinetic flows is of importance to the development of microfluidic devices such as rapid capillary electrophoretic separation systems, AC pumps, novel micromixers etc. In this paper, we report a novel technique for studying and quantifying the transient electrokinetic flow phenomena in microchannels using the micro-PIV system with an ordinary PIV CCD camera. This is achieved by synchronizing different trigger signals for the laser, CCD camera, and custom high-voltage switch. Using the transient micro-PIV technique, we further propose a method to determine the electrophoretic component in the particle velocity and the zeta potential of the channel wall. Then the time evolution of the full-field, electroosmotic velocity distributions in both open- and closed-end rectangular microchannels is obtained from the micro-PIV measurement data. Using the slip velocity approach and the measured channel zeta potential, the theoretical predictions of the transient electroosmotic flow in the open- and closed-end microchannels are obtained, and they are found in good agreement with the experimental results.

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