Aperiodic (static) flow instability is an instability related to the change of a flow direction in individual steam generating U-shaped channels operating at given pressure difference. The nature of an aperiodic instability is close to a Ledinegg instability [1] related to the presence of multiple flows at the full hydraulic curve of a U-shaped channel. In this paper, the conditions for a reverse flow for a once-through steam generator (OTSG) with U-shaped modular feedwater line (MFL) are studied. From the results of the studies, it is revealed that the change of a flow direction in the MFL is due to the boiling of the feedwater in the downcomer branch of the U-shaped MFL and that multiple flows start in an area of the extremes corresponding to the minimum pressure difference of the hydraulic curves. Calculation models for predicting a threshold of an aperiodic instability for the OTSG of interest is proposed and the analysis results are compared with the experimental data.

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