This paper describes the development of a compact engineering simulator of Pebble-bed Modular High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTR-PM) by embedding THERMIX code into the vPower simulation environment. The compact engineering simulator consists of modules for two reactors, two steam generators and entire secondary loop system for power generation with a water-steam Rankin cycle. Two THERMIX modules are employed to simulate the two primary loops corresponding to the two reactors in the HTR-PM respectively. Then, the vPower synchronizes the two THERMIX modules in executing simulation to such two reactor module-structures of HTR-PM. The simulation modules for secondary loop and human machine interface are mainly developed with intrinsic models of vPower simulation platform. Current simulation results are in good agreement with the design values and safety analysis results of HTR-PM. The compact HTR-PM engineering simulator will be improved and validated for safe analysis, procedure development and design change verification.

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