This paper developed a kind of highly-filled and ultra-thickness shielding materials; its performance meets shielded neutron-gamma mixed field requirements. Through EDS, theoretical calculation, formulation design, sample preparation and performance test, we carry out the research of base material, neutron absorber, γ-ray absorbent, functional additives and products molding process. The experimental results show that: selection of polyolefin with high hydrogen content as base material, with 15∼25% B4C as a neutron absorber, with 60%∼70% lead powder as a γ-ray absorbent, aiming at the development of protection requirements can make the shielding performance of products reach the ideal level. At the same time, according to the characteristics of system of inorganic filler, the high product thickness, by applying the method of stepped cooling and segmented pressurizing, especially the effective control of crystal formation process to ensure that the product molding and use, overall performance, shielding performance, at the same time improve the yield of the product.

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