Based on the MSFR (Molten Salt Fast Reactor) reactor concept proposed within the framework of the EVOL (Evaluation and Viability of Liquid Fuel Fast Reactor System, EU FP7) international research project a scaled and segmented experimental model of the MSFR and first measurement result will be presented in the paper.

MSFR is a single region, homogeneous liquid fuelled fast reactor concept. The reactor uses fluoride-based molten salts as fuel and coolant, with fissile uranium and/or thorium and other heavy nuclei content with the purpose of applying the thorium cycle and the burn-up of transuranic elements. The concept has a single region cylindrical core with sixteen radial inlet and outlet nozzles located at the bottom and top of the core. The external circuit (internal heat exchanger, pump, pipes) is broken up in sixteen identical modules distributed around the core.

A scaled and segmented experimental model of the MSFR concept was designed and built in order to carry out Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurements. Purpose of the experimental mock-up is to provide measurement data for validation and benchmarking of CFD simulations, and also to study specific problems or phenomena related to the MSFR, such as design of inlet geometry, effects of internal structures, coolant mixing.

The experimental model uses water as working fluid with 50 μm polyamide seeding particles added for PIV measurement. Geometrical scaling was applied in order to reduce size and necessary pumping power and the geometry represents a 90 degree segment of the original cylindrical geometry. It was not possible to maintain the nominal value of the Reynolds-number (∼1E+06 for the core) however a highly turbulent flow (Re>1E+05) can be reproduced in the system.

Final design of the scaled and segmented plexiglas model will be presented, capabilities and limitations of the measurement assembly will be discussed together with the presentation of first measurements results.

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