Chinshan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is the first boiling water reactor (BWR) NPP in Taiwan. It has two units of BWR/4 reactor made by GE Company and each rated thermal power was 1775 MW without power uprate (now its rated thermal power is 1805 MW after power uprate). This research focuses on the development of the Chinshan NPP TRACE (TRAC/RELAP Advanced Computational Engine)/PARCS (Purdue Advanced Reactor Core Simulator) model. The model is done in two steps: The first step is the development of a TRACES/PARCS model of Chinshan NPP which includes the vessel, fuel assemblies, the main steam lines and important control systems (such as the feedwater control system, recirculation flow control system, etc.). Key parameters (such as power, feedwater flow rate, reactor dome temperature, etc.) were identified to refine the model further in the frame of a steady state analysis. The second step is development of TRACE/PARCS model for the load rejection transient. In order to check the system response of the Chinshan NPP TRACE/PARCS model, this study uses the load rejection transient results of startup tests to benchmark the analysis results of Chinshan NPP TRACE/PARCS model. The trends of TRACE/PARCS analysis results were consistent with the startup test data. It indicates that there is a respectable accuracy in the Chinshan NPP TRACE/PARCS model for the load rejection transient.

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