Focused on the overall experimental verification of important phenomena in small break loss of coolant accident (SBLOCA) of large-scale passive PWR plants, this paper put forward a top-down and bottom-up scaling analysis of SBLOCA process based on H2TS method, by which the scaling conditions of IET facility would be figured out to match with the conditions in real nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, parameter evaluation was conducted between IET facility and real power plants, and finally the results proved that the IET facility could, to a certain degree, represent the conditions in real plants in terms of scaling analysis, and the test data of facility could be applicable for the SBLOCA of real plants.

Further, in this paper, scenarios of SBLOCA were simulated and compared between IET facility and AP1000 nuclear power plant by the use of Relap5/MOD3 program. Then, after the conversion of flow area and time ratio, the comparison of results between those two systems was conducted in terms of pressure of reactor coolant system (RCS), injection flow rate of CMT and steam flow rate through ADS-1/2/3/4 valves, which also proved that the IET facility could simulate the SBLOCA of real plants well.

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