The main pipeline of a nuclear power plant is an important part of the primary coolant pressure boundary. In order to avoid the corresponding nuclear power safety accidents caused by the leakage of the main pipeline, a large number of safety facilities have been built in the design and construction stage of the nuclear power system with the double end shear fracture of the main pipeline as the design basis accident. Complexity and design build costs of nuclear power systems are increased, due to the presence of these safety facilities. It is proved that the possibility of double-end shear fracture of main pipeline is very small by multi-year experience of nuclear power operation. If the cracks and small leakage in the main pipeline of the nuclear power plant can be detected in time and effective measures can be taken, a large number of safety facilities for the double end shear fracture accident can be avoided, the safe and stable operation of the nuclear power plant can be ensured while reducing the complexity and construction cost of the nuclear power system. Based on the above considerations, the LBB system for the main pipeline is studied and designed, which aims to ensure that the cracks and small size leakage caused by the pipeline are monitored in time, so that the occurrence of the cracks and double end shear accidents are avoided.

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