Fatigue data obtained under biaxial loading conditions for adhesively bonded joints are used to plot S-N type diagrams to assess the effects of biaxiality in loading. Independently Loaded Mixed-Mode Specimens (ILM MS) are used for data collection purposes. These specimens are basically two (steel) beams bonded to be fatigue loaded under cantilever (opening) mode while a simultaneous but physically separate in-plane (static) shear load is also induced with the aid of a small hydraulic piston embedded in the specimen. Application of such static shear loads results in different S-N behavior for the bonded joint. The model adhesives used are Metlbond 1113-2 and Metlbond 1113 solid film thermosetting adhesives similar to those commonly used in aircraft and aerospace industries. The former is an elastomer-modified epoxy adhesive and the latter is identical except that it containes a synthetic earner cloth. Thus, the effects of carrier cloth in adhesive’s S-N behavior is also assessed. Analytically, the classical linear log-log representation of the adhesive S-N data is explored and modifications necessary to reflect the effects of biaxiality in loading and also the presence of a carrier cloth are assessed. The fatigue failure results are also compared with results obtained under monotonic biaxial loading conditions.

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