This work presents a new method for kinematic analysis of planar complex mechanisms, i. e, the ordered single-opened-chains method. This method makes use of the ordered single-opened chains (in short, SOC.) along with the properities of SOC, and the network constraints relationship between SOC. By this method, any planar complex mechanism ran be automatically decomposed into a series of the ordered single-opened chains and the optimal structural decomposition route(s) can be automatically selected for kinematic analysis. The kinematic analysis equations with fewest unknown variables can be automatically generated and easily solved. Perhaps, the most attractive features of this method are its high automation and convergence in computer implementations.

This work firstly describes the principle of the ordered SOC method and then introduces the computer automatic generation of this method along with the application to two complex linkages.

The method developed can be easily extended to the kinemetic analysis of the spatial mechanisms.

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