Today, the interdisciplinary design approach has been quickly adopted as a new trend in the modern product design process. Whereas, it is believed that manufacturers try to make shortcuts in order to reduce the time-to-market. Therefore, many inherent or uncertain safety parameters and factors are normally ignored in the early stage of the process until problems occur during the life cycles of products. This is very harmful to users. Enterprises may face liability claims and recalls of those products. In addition to the claims, additional time and cost are required to investigate the root cause of problems and to redesign the products and. Those problems mostly happen in some developing countries in which their product design and manufacturing process is still in a labor-intensive mode. Systematic and knowledge-based design approaches have not yet been popularly adopted. In order to have a better consideration, in terms of safety at the early stage of design process, the integration of practical experience of safety assessment concept and analysis methods into the traditional electronic product design process is the key proposed idea in this paper. A new design workflow with safety assessment concept at the early stage is generated, with a result of saving redesign cost and time.

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