In the past decade, Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation (ANCF), which is kind of a finite element method, has been developed for flexible multibody systems with large deformation and large rotation. Almost all studies for ANCF are dedicated to the development of expression ability of flexible multibody system’s behaviors, for example, a study of expansion of ANCF to three dimensional beam, the improvement of computational performance for numerical analysis and so on. On the other hand, there are few studies which extract controllers from the mathematical expressions derived by ANCF. The main aim of this study is to propose a controller design procedure by the use of the mathematical expression which is derived by ANCF. A flexible beam is introduced as a controlled object and the control torque is applied to the one end of the beam. Control objective is to rotate the beam to the desired position and suppress the residual vibration of the beam. In order to derive the mathematical expression for controller design, a kind of ANCF which uses continuum mechanics approach is employed. It is shown that some assumptions and manipulations of the mathematical expression derived by that method result in the linear equation of motion with some uncertainties and the resultant equation has a form suitable for controller design based on μ synthesis framework which is one of the robust control design method. Using μ synthesis framework, controllers are derived for some design parameters and the derived controllers are applied to the controlled object. The validity of the procedure for controller design is shown by numerical simulations and the possibilities and future works of the proposed controller design procedure by the use of mathematical expression by ANCF is discussed.

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