The Wind Turbine Gearboxes (WTGs) are highly subjected to variable torsional and non-torsional loads. In addition, the manufacturing and assembly process of these devices results in uncertainty in the system. These gearboxes are reported to fail in their early life of operation, within three to seven years as opposed to the expected twenty years of operation. Their downtime and maintenance process is the most costly of any failure of subassembly of wind turbines. The objective of this work is to perform a probabilistic multibody dynamic analysis (PMBDA) of the high-speed-parallel-helical stage of the gearbox of wind turbine that considers uncertainty of generator side torque loading and the input shaft speed, assembly errors and design parameter uncertainty. System reliability, probability of failure, and probabilistic sensitivities of all the input variables towards several performance functions have been measured and conclusions have been drawn. PMBDA has demonstrated a new dimension of design and installation of wind turbine gearboxes than traditional deterministic approach. In addition to revealing system reliability or under-performance through probability of failure, the method will also help designers to consider certain variables critically through the sensitivity results.

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