Foldcore Sandwich structures with high specific strength and specific stiffness will be the aeronautic and astronautic main load-carrying structure materials. Curing process temperature of the Carbon and Kevlar prepreg materials were determined by the best curing process extrapolation method. And then, three dimensional foldcore specimens were manufactured by hot-pressing and piecewise curing molding process. In the compression test, compression force-displacement variation laws and deformation failure modes of the foldcores with different thickness were studied by changing the thickness of core wall. Furthermore, the panel constraints on the properties of compression are studied by pasting panel on the bottom of core and both sides of the core. The researches shows: the compression strength and compression modulus was multiplied increased, and the brittle degree of core was increased with the core wall thickness increasing. The panel restriction for foldcore greatly improved the compression modulus and compression strength.

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