With the advantage of high adaptability, Miura-origami structure with curvature shows various engineering applications such as a sandwich between two stiff facings with curvature requirements and structural support to form a circular tube. In this research, a forming method of polymer circular tube with single-curved surface origami expressed by five parameters was established and its corresponding theory was solved considering forming rationality in actual manufacturing. The components of circular tube were fabricated by the vacuum forming process and then spliced together. We conducted numerical simulation to analyze the structural performance of the tube with five parameters and shown that these parameters have a great influence on energy absorbed performance. Finally, a male mold of a part with Arc Miura-origami structure was designed and fabricated. The parts with Arc Miura-origami were manufactured using vacuum forming process and then spliced and bonded together into a two-layer tube. This research may provide a method to design and fabricate Miura-origami structure with high efficiency and quality.

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