Recent attention has been given to acoustic non-reciprocity in metamaterials with nonlinearity. However, the study of asymmetric cells has been limited to mechanical diodes only. There is no work reported on electromechanical rectifiers or diodes. This problem is investigated here by analytically and numerically studying a combination of nonlinear and linear chains coupled with electromechanical resonators. The system is simulated numerically using MATLAB built in integrator and the results are validated by results found in the literature. Numerical examples are carried out to obtain band structure, operation range of electromechanical diode, harvested power, and significant frequency shift, which is demonstrated using spectro-spatial analyses. The observed frequency shift is used to construct an electromechanical diode to guide the wave to propagate in one direction only. This only allows signal sensing for waves propagating in one direction and rejects any other signals. Furthermore, this electromechanical diode is evaluated by calculating the transmission ratio and the asymmetric ratio for a transient input signal.

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