This work presents the underlying implementation of a new origami simulator (SWOMPS) that allows for adaptability and versatility with sequential analyses and multi-physical behaviors of active origami systems. The implementation allows for easy updating of origami properties, realistic simulation with multi-physics based actuation, and versatile application of different loadings in arbitrary number and sequence. The presented simulator can capture coupling between multiple origami behaviors including electro-thermo-mechanical actuation, heat transfer, self-stress induced folding, inter panel contact, applied loading forces, and kinematic/mechanical deformations. The simulator contains five different solvers, including three for mechanical loading, one for self-folding, and one for thermal loading. The paper presents details of this code package and uses three practical examples to highlight the versatility and efficiency of the package. Because various loadings and different origami behaviors can be modeled simultaneously and/or sequentially, this simulator is well suited for capturing origami behaviors in practical real-world scenarios. Furthermore, the ability to apply an arbitrary number and sequence of loadings is useful for design, optimization, or system control studies where an unknown set of loads are needed to fold functional active origami. The coded implementation for this simulator and additional examples are made available to encourage future expansions of this work where new sequential and multi-physical behaviors in origami can be explored.

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