Liquid laminar flow and heat transfer characteristics for parallel plate micro-channels consisting of many triangle shape hollows to fit with the etching surfaces are investigated numerically in the present paper. The height of the channel is 50μm, with three different relative depths, three relative spacing, and three oblique angles of the triangle surface, respectively. The 2D N-S and energy equations are solved using a commercial CFD code FLUENT6.3. Water is used as the working fluid, and the Reynolds number ranges from 100 to 1500. The global Poiseuille number and average Nusselt number are obtained. It is shown that the dented shapes cause a modest influence in Poiseuille number, but a greater impact on the Nusselt numbers. In addition, both of Po and Nu increase modestly with Re. The local Nusselt numbers are always lower in dented area and larger in planar area of dented roughness microchannels, than that of conventional smooth value. Finally, geometry parameters have modest impact on heat transfer for dented roughness.

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