In the current study the effects of vibration on the solidification process of phase change material (PCM) paraffin in a sphere shell are investigated. The amount of PCM used was kept constant during each experiment by using a digital scale to check the weight and a thermocouple to check the consistency of the temperature. A small amount of air was present in the sphere so that the sphere was not filled completely. Commercially available paraffin wax, RT35, was used in the experiments. Experimentations were done on a sphere of 40 mm diameter, wall temperature of 20°C below mean solidification temperature, and consistent initial temperature. A constant vibration frequency of 100 Hz was applied to the setup and results compared with that of no vibration. Samples were taken at different times during the solidification process and compared with respect to solid material present. It was found that the solidification time had been reduced significantly under the vibration. This led to the conclusion that there had been an improvement in heat transfer due to the vibration.

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