In this study, time-temperature-dependent nonlinear analyses of lead-free solder bumped wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) on printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies subjected to thermal cycling conditions are presented. Two different lead-free solder alloys are considered, namely, 96.5wt%Sn-3.5wt%Ag and 100wt%In. The 62wt%Sn-36wt%Pb-2wt%Ag solder alloy is also considered to establish a baseline. All of these solder alloys are assumed to obey the Garofalo-Arrhenius steady-state creep constitutive law. The shear stress and shear creep strain hysteresis loops, shear stress history, and shear creep strain history at the corner solder joint are presented for a better understanding of the thermal-mechanical behaviors of lead-free solder bumped WLCSP on PCB assemblies. Also, the effects of microvia build-up PCB on the WLCSP solder joint reliability are investigated.

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