We have fabricated and tested a magnetically actuated microplatform system for intravascular ultrasound imaging (IVUS). The system consists of a torsional microplatform located above a magnetic drive source. The magnetic source is fabricated on a separate wafer and is made up of a pair of U-shaped permalloy yokes with surrounding coils. Two Ni bars on the ends of the microplatform complete two magnetic circuits that are individually activated to tilt the corresponding side of the microplatform. Experiments show that the microplatform can rotate through a mechanical-scan angle of 14.8°. The initial magnetic source design requires a dc current of 1.48A to achieve this rotation, which can be substantially reduced by replacing the single-turn coils with dual-layer multiturn coils. The magnetically actuated microplatform system could be built at lower cost and provide greater operational flexibility than are available with present-day state-of-the-art IVUS systems.

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