Progress has been made in the area of cell-fluid interaction considering deformation, adhesion, and rolling in a shear flow, for example, the seminal work of Dembo and colleagues [1]. Several other studies have also performed to provide a better understanding on the phenomena [2–4]. The dynamics of fluid flow and cell deformation add complexity to the complicated adhesion interaction problem. The objective of this study has aimed on developing a biomechanical model that can be used to predict the cell-endothelium interaction under the transient flow condition. To elucidate the roles of flow force, adhesion force, adhesion interaction, and cell deformation in leukocyte rolling under a shear flow, a model combining fluid-cell interaction and reaction-limited cell-substrate adhesion kinetics has been developed. In this paper, the cell is modeled as an elastic solid and fluid-cell interaction is modeled as the fluid-solid interaction.

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