The paper describes the influence of the fluid modeling on cavitation and aeration detection in external gear pumps and motors inter-teeth volumes during the gears meshing process, in order to compare the results coming from the use of different physical models of air release/adsorption and cavitation. A simplified cavitation model is firstly involved, and pressure transients are calculated imposing a pressure cut when the fluid vapor pressure (or the dissolved air partial pressure) is reached. After, assuming an equivalent approach able to involve the vapor phase generation, the cavitation phenomena in the meshing volumes are deepened, and the influence of the fluid modeling enhancement on the cavitating machine behavior is highlighted. Then, the equivalent fluid approach is enhanced introducing the air release, and properly coupling the gaseous phases release/adsorption to the Henry's Law for not instantaneous processes. Finally, the influence of the air release/adsorption time constant on meshing volumes pressure transients are detailed, with particular attention devoted to the modification introduced by the cavitation detailing on the gaseous phase void fraction determination and on the angular extension of the cavitation phenomena detection.

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