This paper studied the lime-shaft-furnace briquette used as a substitute for coke with an orthogonal experiment. The main material of briquette was the low-rank anthracite from Jinzhunshan of Hunan, China. The binder of briquette in this experiment was a compound binder including the magnesium-base curing agent, activator, biomass fiber and calcium lingosulfonate. The orthogonal table of L27(313) was chosen in this experiment and its factors consist of the magnesium-base curing agent, activator, biomass fiber, calcium lignosulfonate, mixture ratio of bituminous coal, briquetting pressure, briquetting water and size-composition of anthracite. The original compressive strength, original curshing strength, cold compressive strength, cold crushing strength, hot compressive strength and the heat stability of the briquettes made in this experiment were tested according to the Chinese relevant briquette test national standards. The test results were processed utilizing the method of the total probability formula evaluation. Based on the range analysis and analysis of variance, the optimal component of the compound binder and correlative key briquetting parameters were obtained, namely, 4 percent of magnesium-base curing agent, 1 percent of biomass fiber, 1 percent of activator, 0.12 percent of calcium lignosulfonate, and 20kN briquetting pressure, 17 percent of briquetting water, 10 percent mixture ratio of bituminous coal and the size-composition of anthracite with 58 percent of less than 0.5mm size, 14 percent of between 0.5mm and 1.0mm size, 17 percent of between 1.0mm and 2.0mm size and 11 percent of between 2.0mm and 3.0mm size. Analyzed were the mechanism of the compound binder and the optimal parameters of briquetting technics. The experimental results showed that the lime-shaft-furnace briquette prepared according to the optimal scheme obtained in this experiment could basically demand the industrial production of lime-shaft furnace as the substitute for coke.

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