The objective of this study is to experimentally explore thermodynamic performance of R245fa, as a low-pressure and environmentally-friendly refrigerant, in a microchannel heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is used in an electronics cooling application with high-power density. Due to the large amount of latent heat that is released during evaporation process, the two-phase microchannel coolers are able to remove much more energy compared to single-phase cooling systems. In this study, R245fa is used as the working fluid in a refrigeration pump loop that mainly includes an evaporator, a condenser, a refrigerant pump, and a pressure regulator valve. The goal is to obtain optimal mass flow rates and system pressures while the temperatures in evaporator and condenser are kept constant for specific conditions. The results obtained from this study are then compared to the results previously obtained for water as the working fluid in a similar cooling system. It is expected the evaporative cooling through the microchannel heat exchanger be a viable and effective solution, especially for higher heat flux applications.

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