Though face to face class interaction is still a dominant-teaching approach in most higher education institutes, online teaching has become increasingly popular with the development of internet technology [1,3]. The authors have used instructional technology and computer software to develop web-based lectures in a mechanical engineering program for online delivery at their institution. This paper highlights how computer software Camtasia Studio and Windows Journal have been integrated with a Gateway tablet PC, a webcam and wireless speaking receiver device to produce web-based lectures for online delivery. The paper intends to share experiences, myths, and lessons that the authors have learned during production of audio and video online course materials. Integration of instructional technology with computer software has made online course preparation and production much more effective and efficient. The paper also summarizes the steps taken by the authors to accomplish this instructional project from start to finish. It includes integration of instructional technology, pedagogical concepts, development of audio and video materials, difficulties faced and how they were handled, software used, and existing issues for the future work.

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