Some laboratory studies have showed that vibrational stimulation can enhance muscle strength and improve bone density, but it is not clearly understood how frequency and magnitude of vibration have effects on human muscles and bones. In this paper, a whole-body vibration case study is presented to help understand mechanism of human body responses to vibration intervention. A whole body vibration platform is used to provide a source of vibrational intervention. A person steps up and stands on the platform to experience whole-body vibration. Based on this whole-body vibration intervention case, a multibody biomechanical model is created to represent the human body and the WBV platform, and a sinusoidal force function is used to stand for vibrational input from the platform. Kane’s methods are used to derive equations of motion of this multibody biomechanical system. The model will be used to carry out computer simulation and to analyze how human body response to vibrations.

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