A single stage centrifugal compressor has been designed for industrial use. Adjustable Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs) and vaned diffusers were equipped to meet the requirement of large flow range, high efficiency and constant shaft speed. Both numerical calculations and experiments were implemented to get the performance of this new designed centrifugal compressor. The influence of adjustable IGVs and vaned diffusers on the stage performance characteristic was examined by numerical method. It is shown that numerical simulation results are close to the measured results and predict the stall limit well. The new centrifugal compressor has a comparatively high efficiency and wide operating range. Moreover, unilateral adjustment of either IGV pre-whirl angle or vaned diffuser stagger angle enables an increase in stable operating range opposed to the stage configuration with no adjustment. The combination of simultaneous adjustment of the IGVs and diffuser vanes can not only provide even wider flow range but also keep high efficiency. The identical working point can be operated at different IGV pre-whirl angles and diffuser stagger angles, hence the optimum adjustment schedule for the specified operating line was dug up to obtain an optimum efficiency. Detailed flow field analysis was performed to validated the suitable simultaneous adjustment combinations.

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