Since pure CO2 as refrigerant has some disadvantages failing to meet requirements, binary blends of CO2 (or R744) with other eco-friendly working fluids, R290, R1270, R170, RE170 and HFC134a are proposed in this paper to be used for medium temperature heat pump systems. The eco-friendly refrigerant mixtures can reduce the heat rejection pressure as that for pure CO2, and meanwhile suppress the flammability, explosivity as that for pure HCs or RE170. Based on the pinch point of heat transfer, the numerical models of heat pump cycle using CO2-based mixture are developed. With a comprehensive consideration of heating coefficient of performance (COPh), optimum heat rejection pressure, volumetric heating capacity, discharge temperature, the binary mixture CO2/R290 is determined as the most suitable working fluid for the given heat pump application. Compared to pure CO2, the optimum heat rejection pressure of mixture for 95/5, 90/10, 85/15 and 80/20 is decreased by 0.82, 0.94, 1.06 and 1.86MPa respectively for heat sink outlet temperature of 65°C. The experimental testrig is designed and set up for the transcritical heat pump system. The experimental study with different CO2 mass fraction has been carried out, which conducts a study on the variations of heat pump performance, component’s mass fraction and working fluid charge. The experimental results validated the CO2/R290 natural mixture proposed in theory. The experimental results provide useful references on the optimization and improvement of CO2/R290 heat pump testrig.

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