Mechanical and viscoelastic properties of polymer nanocomposites reinforced with carboxyl functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (COOH-MWCNT), montmorillonite nanoclays (MMT) and MWCNT/MMT binary nanoparticle were investigated. In this study, 0.3 wt. % of COOH-MWCNT, 2 wt. % of MMT and 0.1 wt. % COOH-MWCNT/2 wt. % MMT binary nanoparticles by weight of epoxy were incorporated to modify SC-15 epoxy resin system. The nanocomposites were subjected to flexure test, dynamic mechanical and thermomechanical analyses. Morphological study was conducted with scanning electron microscope. Addition of each of the nanoparticles in epoxy showed significant improvement in mechanical and viscoelastic properties compared to those of control ones. But, best results were obtained for addition of 0.1% MWCNT/2% MMT binary nanoparticles in epoxy. Nanocomposites modified with binary nanoparticles exhibited about 20% increase in storage modulus as well as 25° C increase in glass transition temperature. Flexural modulus for binary nanoparticle modified composites depicted about 30% improvement compared to control ones. Thus, improvement of mechanical and viscoelastic properties was achieved by incorporating binary nanoparticles to epoxy nanocomposites. The increase in properties was attributed to synergistic effect of MWCNTs and nanoclay in chemically interacting with each other and epoxy resin as well as in arresting and delaying the crack growth once initiated.

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