This paper presents an investigation of a novel linear-type piezoelectric ultrasonic actuator for application in a Smart Fuze Safety System (SFSS). Based on the requirements of SFSS, the structural parameters of the proposed piezoelectric ultrasonic actuator are determined by fuze arming mode. Moreover, sensitivity analysis of the structural parameters to the frequency consistency is conducted using FEM software, after which the optimal dimensions are obtained with two close natural vibration frequencies. To validate the results of FEM, the frequency sweep tests of the piezoelectric ultrasonic actuator are performed to determine the motor’s actual working mode frequencies with PSV-300-B Doppler laser vibrometer system. Furthermore, the results of frequency sweep test are compared with that of the finite element analysis, and further verified by impedance analyzer. To investigate the overall performance of the piezoelectric ultrasonic actuator, vibration modes of actuator’s stator, output speed and force of the piezoelectric ultrasonic actuator are tested. The experimental results show that the output speed and force of the actuator can reach 88.2 mm/s and 2.3N respectively, which means that piezoelectric ultrasonic actuator designed in this paper can meet the demands of the SFSS.

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