The present in vitro study aims at comparing the ablation volume obtained with commercially available RITA’s StarBurst® XL (dry type) and StarBurst® Xli-e (wet type) multi-tine electrodes during radiofrequency ablation (RFA) procedure. The experiments have been conducted on polyacrylamide based tissue-mimicking phantom gel whose thermo-electric properties are similar to that of the soft tissues. A temperature-controlled RFA has been performed utilizing AngioDynamics RITA 1500X® radiofrequency generator. The maximal longitudinal and maximal transverse dimensions of the coagulated phantom gels have been measured from which the derived ablation volume has been calculated. Further, the temperature distribution and power delivered with the dry type and wet type electrodes have been compared. The in vitro study revealed that the efficacy of wet type electrode is more pronounced as compared to the dry type electrode. Moreover, it has been found that both the electrodes are capable enough of producing ablation volume up to 5 cm in diameter.

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