In recent years, the IC industry continues to drive demand in the consumer market, and more global sales of smart-phones, smart-watches and tablets have continued to grow. In order to continuously enhance high performance computing, the consumer products pursued began to integrate HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to strong and powerful mainstream market.

With the shrinking use space pursued by consumer products, it is necessary to continuously develop lighter and thinner products, and under such product conditions, it seems that the risks and difficulties of advanced packaging technology will be expected. Due to the ministration application, the warpage issue is the most influential factor in the following development of packaging technology. In this paper, we would like to overcome the poor strip warpage, not only to choose the EMC material form CTE property, but to think about improving the warpage from the machine process. The residual stress generated by the molding process of thermosetting resins exerts serious influences upon the mechanical properties, so we use Laser area beam processing to reheat the EMC and use the vacuum suction to reshape the warpage deformation. In this case, we verify the laser radiation time and peak temperature control of different strip types (including molded, thermal taped and ball attached molded strip) and EMC wafer form. We succeed to improve the maximum strip warpage from 17 um to 1um; wafer form from 13um to 3.5um. This laser beam reshape technology is proven to solve the warpage significantly for high density assembly.

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