Composite materials are very predominant in the areas of industrial applications, aerospace and defense sectors. Aluminium metal matrix composites are main targeted materials by many researchers because of its low density, high strength, corrosion resistance and economical that makes material suitable for aerospace and automobile sectors. In this work effect of china clay volume fraction on mechanical properties of AA7075/B4C composite was investigated. Effect of china clay volume fraction on mechanical properties was analyzed with the help of results obtained by XRD, tensile, compression and micro hardness tests. From the experimentation analysis and results it was clear that added china clay acts as effective binder material for efficient compaction and ejection of green compacts from the die material after cold compaction processes and gives high strength to the composite material up to 7% volume fraction in sintered composite while in tensile strength after that material strength starts to degrade. In this work critical volume fractions of china clay in AA7075/B4C composite was investigated in tensile, compression and hardness. Further, effect of heat treatment on mechanical properties of the composite material was investigated.

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