Software with a user-friendly interface is presented for integrating energy storage and renewable energy sources with co-generation and tri-generation (CHP) systems. This simulation provides a first level screening of CHP systems and determines the effects of including renewable energy or storage systems. The inputs consist of the application’s electric load and thermal load as well as the parameters for the power producing devices, back up boilers/furnaces, vapor compression refrigeration COP and the generator and inverter efficiency. The output is the energy utilization factor (EUF), the rates of carbon dioxide production and entropy production. The simulation is based on using the thermal load to power ratio, HLRP, as a basic scaling parameter and the ratio of the cooling to total thermal load, CHR. A single design point investigation or continuous load information as well as the renewable energy output and energy storage data is controlled by the user. A dashboard report and an excel format is provided to allow the user to perform their own detail summary of the calculated results. Results comparing the performance of a CHP plant for different applications are provided. As expected, the CHP device outperforms the traditional means producing electricity.

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