This paper presents the design of a 6-DOF desk-top magnetically levitated force-feedback joystick utilizing voice-coil actuation. Relative to prior designs (Hollis et. al., 1991), (Salcudean et. al.. 1995), (Berkelman et. al., 1996), this haptic interface features a novel geometry, a novel optical sensor and optimized actuation. These allow for all the electronics including the control microprocessor to be integrated in its base, with the device tapering from a handle 5.5” high to a footprint of 10.5″ × 5.5″. The device has a maximum translational motion range of ±3mm limited by the actuation gap, and a predicted maximum rotational motion range of ±5° limited by the sensor motion range. The moving mass of 260 grams will have maximum accelerations exceeding 10 g’s, and will be able to exert continuous forces as large as 16N.

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